ABB – Medición Analítica – Analizadores de Gas Continuos

ABB – Medición Analítica – Analizadores de Gas Continuos

Analizadores de Gas Continuos

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Fiber optic photometer
ABB process Multiwave photometers provide continuous on-line measurement of gas or liquid components, in simple or complex process streams, for process control, product quality assurance, safety, catalyst protections and area monitoring.

The PFO3372 incorporates the use of fiber optic sampling accessories for added measurement capability.Moisture applications such as water in acids, water in methanol, water in hydrocarbons or hydrocarbons in water are good candidates for the fiber optic option. Applications that require a fast response time, such as monitoring the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) for hydrocarbons in air, should also be considered.The PFO3372 Multiwave Fiber Optic photometer solution is effective in UV (Ultraviolet), VIS (visible), NIR (near infrared) applications where:Sample stream is highly toxic
Corrosive products are analyzed
Streams are at high temperature
Streams are at high pressure
The Sample is at high vacuum
The Sample needs to remain sanitary
Fast response time is required
Sample is at a high pressureWith this solution, light is transmitted via one waveguide to the remote sample cell.  A second waveguide is used to return the sample-modified light to the detector.
PIR3502 The PIR3502 Multiwave process photometer provides continuous measurements of vapor or liquid samples, in simple or complex process streams, for process control, product quality assurance, safety, catalyst protection and area monitoring.

The filter wheel of the photometer utilizes up to eight wavelengths, increasing the number of measurement solutions. Because it uses multiple wavelengths, the photometer can compensate for many types of interference and handle multiple component applications.

The PIR3502 Multiwave photometer provides the following:

Continuous measurements
Multiple component samples
Measures Vapor or Liquid samples
Operates in IR and NIR
Fiber optic option for NIR applications
Multiple interference compensation capability
VistaNET and VistaSTAR Connectivity.

Ultraviolet photometer
The Multiwave photometer PUV3402 is designed for the UV (ultraviolet) and VIS (visible) spectra regions. The ABB Multiwave photometers provide continuous measurements in complex streams which allow for fast reactions to process changes. The fast analysis provides optimum control of a process and improves its safe operation. Measurements can be made in liquid or vapor streams.
AO2000 Advance Optima series with a flexible system design. Broadest range of analysis technology from in-line laser to specialized process photometers. Centrally and remotely operable with Ethernet networks. Designed for use in hazardous areas and with flammable sample gases.
EasyLine EL3000 Analyzers so smart, they’re simple – ABB’s entry line for continuous gas analyzers. Robust and reliable for measuring gas concentrations in numerous applications. Now with the new Limas23 UV photometer and internal drift/precision reporting according QAL3!
EasyLine EL3060 The EL3060 series is compactly built and especially designed for hazardous areas.The gas analyzer is made up of the flameproof enclosed control unit which can also contain one analyzer
Endura AZ40 The AZ40 oxygen and combustibles analyzer continuously samples and analyzes combustion waste gases, often referred to as flue gas. The AZ40 determines the levels of excess oxygen using a zirconia based oxygen sensor and unburnt fuel with an enhanced carbon monoxide detector to measure the carbon monoxide equivalent (COe).
AZ100 The zirconia oxygen analyzer AZ100 is designed primarily for small gas- and oil-fired boilers in industry, power, hospitals and ships. It is also used for inert gas generators and oxygen enrichment applications.
Endura AZ30 The Endura AZ30 is an explosion-proof / flameproof combustion gas analyzer system designed for use in hazardous areas.
Endura AZ20 The Endura AZ20 is a high-quality combustion gas analyzer providing accurate and rapid oxygen reading for combustion control optimization and emissions monitoring.
Endura AZ25 The Endura AZ25 is an in situ combustion gas oxygen analyzer system designed for use in high temperature applications > 600 degrees C.
AK100 The H2 purity and purge gas monitor AK100 has been specifically designed to monitor hydrogen purity in hydrogen cooled generators.
LS25 Advance Optima series with a flexible system design. Broadest range of analysis technology from in-line laser to specialized process photometers. Centrally and remotely operable with Ethernet networks. Designed for use in hazardous areas and with flammable sample gases.
LS4000 Highest precision under harshest conditions

The LS4000 is an in situ cross-stack analyzer for measuring gas component concentrations.
It applies the highly selective, optical measuring principle of tunable diode laser (TDL) absorption spectroscopy.
LS4000 is a stand-alone system and is approved for use in hazardous areas according to international standards.
The device consists of a transmitter and a receiver unit. The units are connected by a junction box.

High precision

  • Lowest detection limits, highly accurate measurements
  • Highly selective, virtually cross interference free

Suitable for harsh process conditions

  • In situ, direct measurement of hazardous gas streams
  • For high pressure, high temperature applications

Fast and direct

  • In situ, no sample transport or conditioning
  • Fast response

Safe, compact and easy

  • Flameproof housing (Ex-d), no purging
  • No nitrogen purging for O2 measurement
  • Compact and lightweight, insensitive to vibrations
  • Ease of maintenance
ACX The ACX system includes everything from probe, heated lines, sample conditioning to reliable and time-tested analyzers of the Advance Optima series. It can be operated from the outside
ACF-NT Continuous Emission Monitoring Solution

For continuous emission monitoring of complex applications. Simultaneous determination of up to 12 measuring components like HCl, CO, NO, SO2, NO2, N2O, NH3, H2O, CO2, HF, TOC and O2

ACF5000 ACF5000 is a multi-component analyzer system to accurately monitor the composition of exhaust gases.
– A complete turnkey CEM system
− Approved performance
− With low cost of operation
SCK Gas sampling for cement kiln and calciner gas exit
The SCK is a sampling system for dry gas sampling at rotary kiln exit and calciner gas exit. Usage sites are the rotary cement are the rotary cement kiln exit and the calciner exit in dry process rotary clinker kilns, The SCK sampling system is suitable for applications in rough environmental conditions and for outdoor installations thanks to a complete coverage.
GAA630-M Advanced emission monitoring system for marine applicationsGAA630-M
We are on your wavelength – GAA630-M is an advanced CEM system solution for continuous gas analysis on board of vessels, specifically designed, certified and type approved for maritime installations. The GAA630-M system includes all necessary components, such as gas sampling probe, heated sample lines and sample conditioning. Based on the proven Advance Optima gas analyzer technology, GAA630-M provides a certified measurement of SO2/CO2 ratio and NOX for emission monitoring purposes. O2 and CO is measured for combustion efficiency. Providing the best technology in measurement, data connectivity, reliability and service is ABB’s daily business. World-wide available maintenance teams are trained and certified to support you with fi rst-classservice. Benefi t from our world wide technical service support network and fast support at any time and in any place.
GAA330-M The GAA330-M is a CEM system designed to measure the gas pollutants SO2, CO2, and NOX, as specified in MARPOL Annex VI. The GAA330-M operates with both high- and lowsulfur fuels, no matter if you are operating outside or inside an ECA. ABB has the right gas analyzer portfolio to allow vessels to stay compliant with current and upcoming regulations. The GAA330-M uses an Infrared photometer for reporting the SO2/CO2ratio as specified by MARPOL requirements. NOX is monitored with an ultraviolet photometer (UV) which is the most practical approach. ABB photometers are manufactured and designed for best performance under harshest conditions with an installed base of more than 100.000 units in global industries.
SCC-C Sample Gas Cooler
The SCC-C compressor type gas cooler is used to lower the dew point of humid sample gas to avoid condensation in the analyzers. An extremely stable and low gas dew point avoids water vapor cross-sensitivity and volumetric errors.
SCC-F Sample Gas Feed Unit
The SCC-F gas feed unit transports the sample gas to the analyzer and controls flow and condensate in two independent gas paths. A digital communication port connects the unit with the controller board of Advance Optima analyzers to integrate status and alarm signals from the sample handling.
SCC-K NO2/NO Converter
The SCC-K Converter is used when NOX (the total of NO plus NO2) is measured in emission monitoring systems. It converts NO2 to the component of interest NO.
CEM-DAS Continuous Emission Monitoring Data Acquisition System
ABB’s CEM-DAS is a PC-based Data Acquisition and Handling System for Continuous Emission Monitoring.
Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems
Inferential Modeling Platform (IMP)
Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS) are software-based solutions able to provide reliable and accurate real-time emission estimations. PEMS exploit advanced mathematical models, which use process parameters (e.g. pressure, temperatures, flow, etc.) as input variables.