ABB – Drives – Low voltage AC – Machinery

ABB – Drives – Low voltage AC – Machinery

Machinery drives

Build your profits around premium control and flexibility

You design machines to work precisely to your customer’s expectations. Premium control and design flexibility in motor control is essential. So too is dependability. You can count on all of this in all in our machinery drives, with scalability from basic to the highly advanced machinery applications. Our direct torque control (DTC) gives you highly accurate control for virtually any motor. Our integrated safety features and ready-made application control programs are built on user-friendliness.

Our machinery drives offer you:

  • Flexible hardware and programming for an optimal solution.
  • Compatibility with different motors and automation systems.
  • Ready-made control programs for different applications.
  • Direct torque control (DTC) for highly accurate, sensorless motor control.

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ACS355 ACS355 – machinery drive

All your machine building needs in one drive
If you are a system integrator, original equipment manufacturer or panel builder, the ACS355 is our top tier micro drive. It is focused on material handling, food and beverage applications, processing of rubber, plastic and wood. You have a cost effective, versatile drive offering the best connectivity in its class. Installation and commissioning is simple and easy, saving you labour time.


  • 0.37 to 22 kW/0.5 to 30 hp
  • Optimized design for cabinet installations saves space and installation time
  • Wide range of fieldbus adapters available offer flexible connectivity
  • Vector control capable of running both asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors
  • Simple and visual sequence programming to make independent and repeatable operation sequences
  • Pre-defined application macros for quick basic setup
  • Unified height and depth of the IP20 product family simplifies wiring in cabinet installations
ACS850 ACS850 – machinery drive

Flexibility and scalability to match your precise needs

You do the design and the ASC850 has the flexibility and scalability to meet your challenges. Scalable motor control lets you use a variety of motor types. The programming flexibility along with a wide range of options and safety features allows you to easily integrate the drive into your process.

The ACS850 is an ideal IP20 drive for both multi- and single axis machinery use.


  • 0.37 to 560 kW/0.5 to 700 hp
  • Bookshelf design saves space
  • Direct torque control (DTC) for premium motor control as standard
  • Safe torque off (STO) as standard
  • Controls different types of motors including permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors
ACSM1-04 ACSM1-04 – motion control drive

Add flexibility and versatility to your machine axis operation

The ACSM1 is your flexible workhorse for machinery applications from basic speed and torque control to demanding position control. Control both synchronous and asynchronous motors, with and without a feedback device. A wide power range, different product variants and programming flexibility ensure an optimum solution for both single and multi-axis systems.


  • 0.75 to 355 kW/1 to 450 hp
  • Three-phase operation 230 to 500 V AC
  • 3 to 635 A rms, power range 0.75 to 355 kW
  • IP20 enclosure for cabinet installation (UL open)
  • Suitable for single drive and multidrive (common DC) configurations
  • Speed, torque and position control
  • Controls synchronous and induction motors in open and closed loop
  • Integrated safe torque-off (STO) as standard
  • Innovative memory unit for easy drive management

Drives for Solar Pumps

ABB drives for solar pumps

Half of the energy produced around the world is used to operate pumps. Compared to diesel generator pumps, the ABB solar pump drive is environmentally friendly, with a long lifetime and low maintenance costs. It is independent from the grid and produces no pollution or noise. Typical applications are irrigation, community water supply, fish farming and agriculture.

The drive has many solar-specific and pump control functions, such as built-in maximum power point tracking and dry run detection, as well as sensorless flow calculation.

The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) ensures you to get the best output power possible from your solar panel and it maximizes the performance of your pump along the day while the automatic start and stop with solar radiation can save money and fuel during daylight hours.


  • 0.37 to 45 kW/0.5 to 30 hp
  • Operates without grid directly from photovoltaic (PV) cells
  • Automatic start and stop with solar radiation
  • Built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Easy installation and set-up for serial production
  • Compatible with all pump types
  • Good ROI (Return on Investment) against diesel powered pumping
  • Compact and uniform drive module design (IP20)
  • Dual supply capability with change over switch – solar and grid compatible
  • Sensorless vector control of induction motors and permanent magnet motors
  • Safe Torque-off STO SIL3/PL e for emergency stop cat. 0
ACS380 ACS380 – machinery drive

Building a persistently predictable machine is as easy as using it

You focus on designing machines that work precisely and improve application productivity. The preconfigured ACS380 machinery drive comes in several variants ensuring seamless integration into machines and connecting perfectly to automation system. Drive usability is enhanced with the built-in icon based user interface and other optional control panels. Adaptive programming offers an easy alternative for simple programming needs. The drive is suitable for industries such as food and beverage, material handling and textile. Typical constant torque applications include mixers, conveyors, cranes and other constant-torque applications.


  • 0.25 to 7.5 kW, 200 to 480 V
  • Unified height and depth of the IP20 product family simplifies wiring in cabinet installations
  • Preconfigured drive variants for connecting the drive quickly to the customers automation system
  • Adaptive programming for fine tuning the application functionality
  • Built-in icon based interface for easy configuration
  • Integrated safety with safe torque off (STO) as standard
ACS880 ACS880 – machinery drive

Adapts to the machine you designed and makes it run optimally

When you need a performer that adapts precisely to your machine the ACS880 machinery drives fits that description perfectly. This high end machinery drive is designed to control virtually any type of motor accurately and dynamically. It offers IEC 61131-3 programming capabilities for flexible control logic design and seamless integration to all major automation systems. The drive is compatible with the plug-in safety functions module (FSO-12/-21) for enhanced application safety. It can quickly and reliably be connected to a safety PLC through PROFIsafe over PROFINET connection. Other options include application control programs for winder, cranes and high speed applications. The drive supports a wide range of fieldbus protocols, EMC filters, encoder and resolver interfaces. Chokes and brake resistors are offered as external options. The drive will be equipped with general motion features, which enable synchronized positioning tasks.
The ACS880 machinery drives are suitable for industries such as food and beverage, material handling and material forming. Target applications include winders, wire drawing, mixers, cranes and other high-performance applications within machine building.


  • 0.37 to 45 kW and 230 to 500 V
  • IP20 enclosure class as standard Direct torque control (DTC) for highly accurate and dynamic, sensorless motor control
  • IEC 61131-3 programmability for flexible control logic design
  • Integrated safety features with safe torque off (STO) as standard and support for the safety function module (FSO-12 and FSO-21)
  • Ready-made control programs for various applications
  • Wide range of fieldbus adapters available offer extensive connectivity
  • Support for synchronous reluctance motor